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Liberté Skincare Co.

Liberté is a skincare company made by women, for women. To allow women globally experience their unique definitions of freedom.

Our Mission

Empower Women

Liberté exists to empower women to step out of the darkness that is held over their life. Breakthrough any shadows of doubt that they are worthy enough to experience true freedom. Live fully encompassed in the light of your true and full self.

What does FREEDOM mean to you?

Everyone has their own definition of freedom that has been molded by their personal experiences in the world, but when freedom is distilled down to its core, it is the point of transition when a person feels empowered to thrive as their full selves without fear, self-doubt, worry, withholding, retribution, or dependance. To think about freedom conceptually, it is when darkness finally meets the light. Think about the early morning when the world has been dark but slowly and confidently, a small light emerges, casting shadows, until the light soon takes over and is unstoppable. That is what it is to experience freedom. Whatever it is that freedom means to you, Liberté is here to celebrate and fight for that.

Meet the Founder

Andrea Klein

Andrea found her purpose for empowering women through her love for global travel. She has traveled all over the world, meeting women along the way from different background, ethnicities, and cultures. These are the women that inspired her to create Liberté.


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