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Each mode is 4 minutes but doesn’t have to be used the entire 4 minutes for a complete and effective facial treatment. Here's the breakdown of each step for your new favorite facial.

Step 1

Deep Cleansing

Directions: Wet your skin and apply cleanser and/or facial scrub directly on face. Press and hold power button for 2 seconds to initiate blue LED,  microcurrent, positive ions, and thermal heat.  Make contact with the ion sensor ring to active ion care. Place cotton round over the metal plate and secure in place with the magnetic ring to aid in make up removal. Use the plus and minus buttons control intensity of current.


• Blue LED

• Positively-charged ions

• Microcurrent

• Thermal Heat

Step 2

Thorough Exfoliation

Directions: Press the power button again (2 times) to initiate green LED and sonic vibration. With a wet face, use the vibrating silicone bristles side with your favorite facial cleanser to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and increase circulation. Finish off with the green LED side to treat hyperpigmentation and redness. Use the plus and minus buttons control intensity vibrations.


• Green LED

• Ultrasonic Vibration

Step 3

Nourish and Calm

Directions: After your skin is clean, press the power button again (3 times) to initiate red LED, microcurrent, negative ions, and thermal heat. The red mode should be used with your treatment products (serums, oils, moisturizers) as the negative ions promote product penetration. After applying your treatment products, use upward strokes on the LED side of the device to aid the microcurrent in toning and lifting your skin. Use the plus and minus buttons control intensity of current.


• Red LED

• Negative Ions

• Microcurrent

Step 4

Express Facial

Directions: After the 4 minute treatment phase, press power button again (4 times) to initiate purple LED and thermal heat. Together, red and blue make purple which is why the purple mode can be used to treat multiple skin issues at once. After cleaning and drying your skin and applying your treatment products, finish off your express facial with the purple LED light and thermal heat.


• Purple LED

• Thermal Heat

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